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get rid of that turkey neck

Low Cost Plastic Surgery On Your Thailand Holiday

Face Lifts and tummy tucks on the cheap.  Low cost health care can cover the cost of your trip to Thailand. We set you up with the best doctors and clinics who can provide cosmetic surgery, lunch time face lifts or dental work into your schedule. We don't charge for this service,

A Tan and a Tummy Tuck

What you save could even pay for your trip

Thailand offers some of the very best health care in the world. Our hospitals and clinics have luxurious five-star facilities, highly trained professionals, and and cutting edge equipment. Yet, costs are a fraction of what they are in Europe and North America. What you save may cover the cost of your holiday, or more.

If you are contemplating elective procedures, like cosmetic surgery, joint replacement, vision correction or extensive dental work, you can have these things done in Thailand, enjoy a pampered recovery in a tropical environment, and still end up paying less than they would for the medical procedures at home. In many cases the money saved will more than cover the cost of your trip.

Enjoy a holiday in the Land of Smiles and go home looking and feeling like a million. Thailand is the go-to place for low-cost plastic surgery and "lunch hour" face lifts. You may save enough on aesthetic solutions to pay for your trip.  But this requires planning and, depending on the procedure, enough time. You also need to choose the right professionals. Like everywhere else, there are charlatans and over-priced, low-quality providers here. But we have done the research for you and have a portfolio of reliable physicians and clinics that we have sent our customers  to for years.

Believe it or not, some visitors to Thailand choose a surgeon or clinic with Google. That's not research, it's stupidity. For more than fifteen years we have introduced our guests to health care professionals who we have researched carefully, who are trustworthy, and who have produced above-average results for our guests. If you plan to travel with Purple Dragon, there is no cost for this service. In the past some of  our customers have made poor choices and were not happy with the results. We do not want that to spoil anyone's trip to Thailand. If you are not buying any travel services from us we will charge you nominal a fee.

Not a real face lift Here are some of the things we can help you with. Just remember that a procedure that sounds attractive to you may not be the appropriate avenue to the results you re looking for. You need at least one evaluation in order to make an informed choice:

"Lunch hour" aesthetic procedures . You do not need to "go under the knife" to look great, although some problems can be corrected only with procedures that require a hospital stay. Creases around the eyes and mouth can be almost erased with fillers. If you are not quite ready for a face lift, you might be a good candidate for a "thread lift" or a "ribbon lift." There are now many different kinds of devices now that can make fat disappear, tighten skin on the face and other parts of the body, eliminate blemishes, blotches and other skin pigmentation problems, and even erase tattoos. We know the people who can offer all of these services.

Minor surgical solutions . Minor surgical procedures include blepharoplasty (removal of "bags" above or below the eye), and changes to the contour of the nose, and Liposuction of the face, abdomen or thighs. Some of these procedures require anesthesia but not necessarily an overnight hospital stay. If sutures are required they are normally removed in about 7 to 10 days. People who have this kind of work done return home looking so great that nobody back home suspects that they have had more than a relaxing holiday in a tropical paradise.

Major aesthetic surgery includes things like full and partial face lifts, tummy tucks, male breast reduction, removal of sagging skin on the upper arm, and making that turkey neck disappear. Prices are about 25% to 30% of what you would expect to spend at home. You will need to plan on a 2-3 night hospital stay. You should not fly in a pressurized aircraft for at least seven days. Recovery time can be spent at a beach resort. If you are traveling alone, we can arrange for someone to check in on you, see that you are fed and not having any complications.

Sexual reassignment is a specialty in Thailand. There are probably more sex changes performed here than almost anywhere else in the world. And while you are here, you can have a brand new wardrobe tailor made to go with the new you.

face lifts used to be like this Major corrective surgery includes knee or hip replacements and correction of other health problems that require surgery but are not an emergency. It also includes correction of major procedures that were botched by someone else. Prices for these procedures in Thailand are also very, very low.

Preventive and regenerative solutions . Thailand offers some kinds of treatments that may not be available to you at all, depending on where you live, like stem cell treatments. Most of these are done as outpatient treatment for many different kinds of health issues, mostly surrounding organ function (even including erectile dysfunction).

Health Check-Ups . If your insurance does not cover physical exams, Thailand is the place to spend half a day and very little money. Check-up packages can cover basics or cover everything, depending on your age, general state of health, or family history.

Dental Care . Thailand is the best place to have major or minor work done for a fraction of the cost at home. Our dental clinics we recommend can handle anything from bleaching to veneers, to implants, to major reconstruction. Some procedures, like implants, may require you to return after six to twelve months.

How this works . First, follow the link below to start a conversation with us.  Ninety percent of the time when someone asks us for a specific procedure they actually need something completely different, so tell us what results you want to achieve.  We may ask you for photos. We will ask ask you for more information about your health that clinics and hospital want to know ahead of time. As soon as possible after you arrive, you will have one  or more pre-arranged evaluations. For surgical candidates we like have schedule least two so you can choose the doctor or clinic you are most comfortable with. Normally these are free or there is a small fee that can be applied to the cost of treatment. If you would like to start a conversation with us about combining wellness with your holiday in the Land of Smiles, please go here .