Singapore's spectacular skyline

Gay Travel and Tours to Singapore

Close your eyes, Dorothy, and think of Singapore....See this tiny island nation up close and personal with your own private gay guide, la. You can see most of the major sights in a day. However, Singapore Botanical Garden is so large and has so many things on display that it is almost worth a day in itself. Add even more time if you want a mini-escape to the attractive beach at Sentosa.

What do you imagine in this island Oz? A sterile, boring city run by an autocratic and conservative government that seems to hate fun? We used to think so too, but we were wrong, lah.

Singapore is almost electrifying in its great diversity. This tiny island nation with a population about the size of Bangkok is a cultural crossroads with some of Asia's most unique architecture, dining, hotels, shopping and even (believe it or not) nocturnal diversions. Singapore is mostly open space and has hundreds of public parks and wilderness areas. Its zoo and botanical gardens are among the best in the world, lah.

Never been to Singapore? You're in for surprises. Singapore is much more than a place to change planes. It's a crossroads of geography, culture and history. Although not officially recognized or approve, Singapore has a significant LGBTQ population and venues to support it. Other diversions include shopping, dining, beaches, casinos, one of the world's great botanical gardens. There are also open spaces. Singapore actually has national parks, where you can hike and maybe explore remnants of Japan's occupation during World War II. The real excitement is Singapore's great ethnic diversity of Indians, Malays, Chinese and others. We would love to help you discover Singapore. Put yourself in our hands for two nights or more and we will give you unique experiences that may lure you back some day.

lovely vistasPlanning Your Holiday

Pack your bags. Singapore is so  ready for LGBTQ tourists. This major transportation hub is a great place to stop over on your way to somewhere else, although you will wish you had stayed longer. You need a minimum of two nights there--three if you are arriving from a long flight and need to catch up to the time change. With our experience and inside knowledge, our attention to all of the details, and  Singapore's best local guides, you are sure to have a much more interesting experience than if you book a hotel in Singapore and try to figure out the rest yourself.

Convenient Modular Program

Singapore Swings

Our two-night stopover is perfect for first-time visitors or anyone who plans to return to enjoy more of Singapore's attractions. In addition to a LGBTQ-friendly hotel and airport transportation, you get one of Purple Dragon'slegendary local guides for a day.

Although we have plenty of suggestions about what to do and see, there is no set itinerary. You and your guide will discuss your interests at the beginning of the day and he will design the day just for you. You can add extra nights and extra sightseeing if you like.Colorful Ethnic Neighborhoods

Shore Excursions

Joining/leaving a cruise or making a stop in Singapore? We have plenty of experience with private in Singapore in addition to two major Atlants cruises. If you have just one day we can help you make the most of it. We know how to deal with the red tape at the port. Staying overnight? In addition to a top quality tour will take care of your hotel and, if you need it, transportation to or from the airport. You get a car (or a van if there are three to six people together), driver and guide, who will tailor your visit around your interests and time.

Optional Side Trips

Singapore Sides

Have more time and want to enjoy more of Singapore? You have plenty of options. For example you can simply add an extra day with your guide to continue to explore and enjoy without a set itinerary.

Gay Life in Singapore

Conservative by law, Singaporeans are colorful by nature! Men holding hands on the street might get looks of disapproval. (It is perfectly fine for real girls!) But that can't stop all the roar of the island's purple lions! In Southeast Asia, Singapore's gay scene competes with Bangkok's. Most venues stay open until very late, and some are open 24/7. Local queers like to hang out in Chinatown area during weekends, so the best clubbing is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


Tropical Singapore is practically on the Equator. You can enjoy the little beaches of Singapore all year 'round, so be sure to pack your bikini, lah.

Purple Dragon pioneered LGBTQ travel to Singapore, but everyone is welcome on our tours!

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Photos: Brian Darby, Douglas Thompson