20th Anniversary
Purple Dragon, Ltd.

Gay Asia Travel Pioneers

Purple Dragon Ltd. designs private tours for adventurous travelers who want to explore Asia's vibrant cultures, history and contemporary life, up close and personal, and not through the window of a bus. We use the best private English-speaking guides we can find in ten countries.

While we have been LGBTQ Asia travel specialists since 1998, everyone is welcome to enjoy our tours. Every guest is different, so every tour is different. All you have to do is arrive! We do the hard work so you don't have to. In the end, blunders are avoided and both time and money are saved. You get personalized service from experts who live and work in Asia as well as a hand-crafted experience.

We have our own carefully-chosen operations staff and guides in most of the places we offer. That means our guests spend their time with people we know well and trust, and who are accountable directly to us. We are very picky about the hotels we use, too.

For Twenty Years We've Been Delivering the Experience of a Lifetime

For us, it's all about the experience--your experience and ours. Founded in 1989, we have 20 years of hands-on experience with gay travel in Asia that translates into a more than just a holiday for most of our guests. We are seasoned professionals  who also happen to be gay. Many of our  guests choose us because they know they will get something better from a gay company. More than  a third of our guests have traveled with us at least three times, and some have traveled with Purple Dragon more than twenty times.

Purple Dragon Pioneered is Asia's leading gay travel company

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