Asia's beaches await

Gay Beach holidays in Paradise!

Southeast Asia has some of the world's most beautiful beaches and most glamorous resort hotels. The sand is white, the water is turquoise, the prices are low. Come with us to discover seaside holidays in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.

Exhausted? Stressed out? Skin a bit pasty like it has not seen the out-of-doors for a decade? Love to snorkel, dive or just drink beer in a horizontal position? A few days at the beach could be the perfect prescription. Allow us to make a few suggestions:

Southern Thailand

There are so many beautiful beaches in Southern Thailand that it may be difficult to choose where to spend your time.  Phuket? Koh Samui? Why do you have to choose just one?  Or how about an island that is just about as "undiscovered" as it can possibly be? Our programs offer everything from simple hotels to lavish resorts. You can learn to cook Thai food, learn to dive, paddle a sea canoe to explore caves in the sparkling Andaman Sea, or do absolutely nothing at all. As the Thai love to say, "Up to you, krap."

Hua Hin

Not interested in nightlife? Hua Hin is an ideal get-away for couples  seeking a quiet and relaxed beach escape. It is also the favorite seaside escape for Thailand's kings. On the two hour drive from Bangkok you will visit several of their palaces and still arrive at the beach in time for an afternoon swim.

crystal clear Andaman Sea

Phan Thiet

While most of Vietnam's great beach are closed for business between October and April, Phan Thiet welcomes visitors 362 days of the year. It practically never rains here, which accounts for the vast Saharanesque sand dunes nearby. Beyond the beaches lies a colorful fishing town with fresh prawns and a bit

of nightlife. This is the kind of place you may want to a few days or a few weeks. You can also combine Phan Thiet with a stop in Dalat, a driving trip into the cool mountains from Saigon.

Khmer Riviera

A quick look at a map will prove that Cambodia shares a coastline along the same body of water as Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Koh Samet, and Pattaya. Sihanoukville has often been called "Pattaya twenty years ago." There are three gorgeous (and entirely empty on weekdays)  beaches, a good selection of hotels and even a couple of casinos.

Hoi An

Tiny Hoi An on the coast of Central Vietnam has one of Asia's most magnificent beaches. We currently offer it as part of a five-day Hue & Hoi An program. However, we are also developing a new program for our guests who want to travel less and relax more.


India has stunning beaches in the southern state of Kerala as well as the eastern coast. We offer these on a custom basis, so please ask. We do not offer or recommend Goa because or rampant homophobia and because it now attracts trashy visitors on cheap charter flight packages.

Sri Lanka

Our newest destination, Sri Lanka, has some of the most fantastic beaches on the planet. Since it's an island, it's literally surrounded by long, powdery and mostly disserted beaches, you could spend weeks just enjoying them all. (But we have more cultural treasures to show you than just soft, powdery beaches.)

Purple Dragon pioneered LGBTQ travel to Asia, but everyone is welcome on our tours!

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