Active Adventures in Gay Asia

Indulge in little fun outdoors!

Purple Dragon offers a world of outdoor adventure. Here are a some recommendations:

Angkok Adventure ▸ Angkor Wat isan adventure. First, you get to see the many massive remnants of a mighty empire that lasted more than three hundred years, that stretched across Southeast Asia. You will also enjoy a thrilling zipline ride through old growth forest, a self-drive all-terrain vehicle trip through rural villages and farms, and visits to two smaller temple ruins that archaeologists have not gotten around to yet, and that practically nobody has visited yet.

Bangkok Adventure ▸ Adventure travel to Bangkok? This program offers a full day of cycling through the city and the nearby countryside, as well as a trip to Chonburi to fly through a pristine forest on a thrilling zipline ride. Includes city sightseeing and gay nightlife.

Bhutan ▸ Bhutan is one giant adventure. While the programs offered on our website do not require a lot of stamina, you may want to mix sightseeing with day hikes or a trek of three to eleven days. Overnight treks include comfortabe camping gear, pack animals to carry all equipment, porters to set up and take down campsites, a cook, and your guide(s). Some routes also include white water rafting (with safety gear, of course). The scenery will amaze you. How often do you get to walk through forests that have been untouched in thousands of years with vistas of the great peaks of the Himalays in the distance?

Chiang Mai Adventure ▸ Me Tarzan, You James! You can swing through the treetops of pristine rainforest in one of our amazingly fun swinging day trips. Spend another day white water rafting through some of the most awesome scenery on the planet. Includes Chiang Mai sightseeing and gay nightlife.

Phuket Adventure ▸ Phuket has more to offer than splendid beaches. Our Phuket Adventure program takes you to ocean caves in a sea canoe, trekking through a tropical forest to stupendous waterfalls, and a thrilling white water raft trip. No previous experience is necessary--only a spirit for adventure.

Ranthambore ▸ India's premier nature preserve, Ranthambore National Park is best known for its "friendly" tiger population. However, you can also see a lot of unfriendly rhinos, scores of bird species, deer, and exotic flora.

Sapa, Vietnam ▸ Sapa is a frontier town so far north that you can peer into China when the skies are clear. The town is surrounded by ethnic minority villages that can be reached only on foot, so Sapa has become a favorite destination for trekkers seeking cultural insights in addition to spectacular scenery.

Himalayan Trekking ▸ If you are an experienced trekker and want to enjoy some of Asia's most spectacular scenery, we offer a custom hiking adventure in Darjeeling (Northeastern India), in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is a difficult but rewarding adventure.

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