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All of our guides speak English fluently and love showing visitors their city and culture

One thing that sets Purple Dragon apart from other tour companies is our outstanding staff of private guides. They are the best we can find. Virtually all of the guides we use in six countries work directly and exclusively for us. In Laos, Myanmar and India we have no choice but to to use local operators who do their best to maintain our high standards for guides. All speak English  (and often other languages) fluently. Wherever required, we use only licensed guides.

Our guides are not accustomed to sitting in the front of a bus with a microphone. Seeing Asia with our charming staff is more like traveling with a local friend who really loves to share the culture, history and adventure of the place they call home. Our guides are famous for their ability to accommodate each guest's individual interests, whether they be shopping, food, attractions, nightlife, beaches, sports, unusual places of interest-- you name it! Some of our guides have special knowledge of history, art, architecture, horticulture, theology, obscure cultural attractions and even hunting for antiques or unusual handicraft items at bargain prices. If you have special interests or requirements, please tell us as much as possible about them in advance so we can assign the best guide for you.

I need a guide in Thailand. We offer many different day tours on this website. If none of them look perfect for you, we are happy to customize your tour according to your interests. You may reserve any of our guides in Thailand for one day or more at a cost of US$75 per day (less if you are using one of our all-inclusive packages), not including transportation, admissions costs or lunch for an eight-hour period. Nightlife guides are available at the same cost. Please use our online reservation form to tell us what you require.

I don't need the package, just the guide. Because such excellent people are in short supply, the services of our guides are not available separately from our all-inclusive packages except in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. However, we are sometimes able to make exceptions in other cities if you plan to use local guide services for three days or more and your visit is no more than ten days away. Guests using our packages get first priority.

Are your guides gay? Most are openly gay. We are not absolutely sure about the rest (who may not be entirely sure themselves). Some do not self-identify as gay. (It's complicated. You can read more on our FAQ page.) We choose people who are knowledgeable, skilled, proud to show visitors their culture,  not afraid to talk about their own lives, and 100% comfortable with our customers. Our guests never have to hear a guide's stories about his girlfriend (unless the guide is a lesbian, of course) or sick jokes about poofs. In some places (like India and Myanmar), few people self-identify as gay, so we cannot guarantee your guide will be gay. These are not places one would travel to explore gay life anyway, since it does not exist openly.

Join the Purple Dragon family! We employ only about one of every fifty people who want to work for us. Since we work as a team and we often socialize and travel together, being a Purple Dragon guide is like joining our family. Most of our guides have worked for us for over five years, some for as many as ten years. Guide candidates must be 21 years old or older, licensed wherever required, and pass a written English exam. We use various methods to test social skills, organizational skills, and crisis management, so we seldom hire guides after only one interview. If you have some training in CPR and other emergency medical procedures you will have a much better chance of working with us. If think you qualify please contact: info@purpledrag.com

One last thing... Our guides are not escorts or sex workers, so please do not expect any kind of "special service." Our guides are professionals, and inappropriate behavior with them is considered unacceptable and unwelcome and could result in the premature end of your tour. Our guides are not permitted to accompany you to saunas, enter your hotel room, or take you anywhere we consider dangerous (including some restaurants).

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